Full Length LP


Fall 2019


Initially an instrumental doom project with an extraordinarily sinister sound, Strays was formed in the small Northeast Texas town of Denton during the fall of 2016. Prolific from their inception, guitarist Ben Copeland, bassist Spencer Jones, and drummer Ben Scott immediately set themselves apart in January 2017 with Smoker, an eerily charged long range single track demo produced by Michael Briggs of Denton's Civil Recording. In the following spring of 2018, Strays returned to Civil Recording and produced their debut four track EP, Ritual. Interlaced with voice samples from vintage horror and occult films, Ritual's brooding instrumentals cemented the band's heavy psych vibe. United by a mutual willingness to approach the edge, Strays continued to push the threshold of their abilities. After a brief hiatus from live performances, the triad returned to the stage and the studio in Spring 2019 with an indelibly matured sound and increasingly intricate compositions. Jones' fuzzed-out riff-heavy bass now riding amidst paralyzing drones of theremin juxtaposed with Scott's methodical, yet seemingly effortless pounding and Copeland's driving, incendiary guitar assaults vaporizing into cosmic soundscapes of intermission, all gave rise to an unholy amalgamation of song and warfare. Strays spent last April recording their debut full length album with sound engineer Brack Cantrell at Elmwood Studios (Dallas) and Dojo Baby Studios (Denton). The album was mastered by Matthew Barnhart. Slated for release in Fall 2019 on Triptych Records, TIME | DEATH | VOID | DREAM is an apocalyptic journey that is loaded with grit and undoubtedly drug induced.


Shows & Tour Dates

  • 9/7 - Album Release @ Dan’s Silverleaf (Denton, TX)