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Felt & Fur /// SRSQ /// Tidals

  • MASS (Main at South Side) 1002 South Main Street Fort Worth, Texas 76104 United States (map)

>>> FELT & FUR <<<
Hailing from Denton,Texas, Felt and Fur is Alizsha Pennington (guitar, vocals,) Randall Minick, (keyboard, percussion, synths), and Jarrod Estes (keyboard, percussion, synth). Last November, the electronic/synth trio's sophomore full-length album, Held made its debut release on Triptych Records.
Organic spacious keyboards breathe amiss reverb-laden static, and hissing drones appear to charge the air. Hypnotic, driving rhythms, spatial chord progressions and wistful guitar melodies form deep, repetitive, trance-inducing scapes of sound, all fueled by penetrating, enduring synth melodies aimed at a spacey oblivion. Held is sealed with beautiful, agonizing vocals layered with rich tones, dynamic volumes and enormous emotional range.

>>> SRSQ <<<
The solo project of Kennedy Ashlyn, launched after the death of close friend and TAUT collaborator Cash Askew, a casualty in the sudden and tragic Oakland Ghost Ship Fire of 2016. Driven by loss, SRSQ became the vehicle for Kennedy’s transformation; exploring nuance, nostalgia, reflection, and reconciliation, manifesting in the aural landscape that is her latest album, Unreality.
Like the impulses they pull from, each song on Unreality evokes the complex duality of meditation—where simple intersects with infinite. Ambient synthesizers that approach harshness, relentless arpeggiations act together with Kennedy’s vocals as a lush weapon, weaving cloud-like fables over orchestration that’s familiar and foreign. Trance-like at times, yet always rooted in cadence and structure, the synesthesia of sound and feeling takes cues...

>>> TIDALS <<<
Fort Worth's Kings of all that is Chill Wave Noir, Tidals is Joshua Wrinkle and Jeremy Lantz.