Strays Album Release Party
to Sep 8

Strays Album Release Party

Join Strays at Dan's Silver Leaf in Denton on Saturday September 7th for the release of their debut album TIME | DEATH | VOID | DREAM on Triptych Records.

Doors at 8, 21 and Up Only
$10 Door / $8 Advance

Strays formed in Denton during the fall of 2016 with guitarist Ben Copeland, bassist Spencer Jones, and drummer Ben Scott. In January 2017, they released Smoker, an eerily charged long-range single-track demo produced by Michael Briggs at Denton's Civil Recording Studio. Strays returned to Civil Recording in the Spring of 2018 and produced Ritual, a four track EP of brooding instrumentals, which cemented the band's heavy psych sound. During the last half of 2018, the band took a brief hiatus from live performances to push each other into uncharted territory once again and challenge the threshold of their abilities. Strays returned to the stage and the studio in Spring 2019 with an indelibly matured sound and increasingly intricate songs. Jones' fuzzed-out riff-heavy bass now rides amidst paralyzing drones of theremin juxtaposed to Scott's methodical pounding. Copeland's incendiary guitar both drives and vaporizes, creating cosmic soundscapes of intermission that rise unassumingly into new assaults of sound and haunting vocal narratives. TIME | DEATH | VOID | DREAM is an unholy amalgamation of song and warfare! The album is an apocalyptic experience, an emergent journey loaded with grit and undoubtedly drug induced.

Also Performing:
Duell - Fort Worth's favorite fucking party rock band
Same Brain - Fort Worth's epic space rock annihilators
Cold Piss - Denton's darkest heaviest noisiest punk

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Acid Koolaid: Electric Orchid II
to Aug 4

Acid Koolaid: Electric Orchid II

Friday August 2nd

FELT & FUR - 11:30 PM
Def Rain - 10:45 PM
New Fumes - 10:00 PM
Vogue Machine - 9:15 PM
Slumpfish - 8:30 PM

Saturday August 3rd

Johndavid Bartlett & Acid Carousel - 12:00 AM
Calliope Musicals - 11:15 PM
Sunbuzzed - 10:30 PM
Modular Sun - 9:45 PM
Springtime and the Changes - 9:00 PM
King Country - 8:15 PM
The Fibs - 7:30 PM
India Tigers in Texas - 6:45 PM
Claire Morales - 6:00 PM
The Boleys - 5:15 PM
Foxlove - 4:30 PM
Mahagonie - 3:45 PM
Breathing Rainbow - 3PM

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Felt & Fur /// SRSQ /// Tidals
to May 18

Felt & Fur /// SRSQ /// Tidals

  • MASS (Main at South Side) (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Last November, the electronic/synth trio's sophomore full-length album, Held made its debut release on Triptych Records. Held features organic spacious keyboards that breathe amiss reverb-laden static, and hissing drones to charge the air. Hypnotic, driving rhythms, spatial chord progressions and wistful guitar melodies form deep, repetitive, trance-inducing scapes of sound, all fueled by penetrating, enduring synth melodies aimed at a spacey oblivion, sealed with beautiful, agonizing vocals layered with rich tones, dynamic volumes and enormous emotional range.

The solo project of Kennedy Ashlyn, launched after the death of close friend and TAUT collaborator Cash Askew, a casualty in the sudden and tragic Oakland Ghost Ship Fire of 2016. Driven by loss, SRSQ became the vehicle for Kennedy’s transformation; exploring nuance, nostalgia, reflection, and reconciliation, manifesting in the aural landscape that is her latest album, Unreality. Like the impulses they pull from, each song on Unreality evokes the complex duality of meditation—where simple intersects with infinite. Ambient synthesizers that approach harshness, relentless arpeggiations act together with Kennedy’s vocals as a lush weapon, weaving cloud-like fables over orchestration that’s familiar and foreign. Trance-like at times, yet always rooted in cadence and structure, the synesthesia of sound and feeling takes cues...

Fort Worth's Kings of all that is Chill Wave Noir, Tidals is Joshua Wrinkle and Jeremy Lantz.

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Acid Koolaid 420 Freak Out
to Apr 21

Acid Koolaid 420 Freak Out

Acid Koolaid returns this spring to bring you another stacked lineup of mind melting rainbow makers from all over the state of Texas and beyond 🌈🌈🌈

Ringo Deathstarr (ATX)
Heavy Baby Sea Slugs
Helen Kelter Skelter (OK)
Mother Tongues
Pink Fuzz (CO)
Rei Clone
The Cush
Reliant K2
Heavy Pulp
Maestro Maya
The Cosmic Creeps

Additional Vibez Provided By:
DJ Space Gaze & eve.ning

T-Shirt Printing By PINT Services

More Artists and Vendors to be Announced Soon!!! 👽

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