Our professional DJ’s have years of experience entertaining at private and public events.  Capable of entertaining even the most diverse crowds, we have thousands of vinyl records in our collections, spanning every genre and decade over the last century.  Triptych DJs are always happy to incorporate themed set up, decor & attire to suit your event (often for minimal or no additional cost). While our services typically only include vinyl music, all DJs come equipped with digital capabilities for accommodating specific event needs.


Public Event Rates

Public events include Bar/Night Club performances*, festivals*, marketing events*, car shows, flea markets, fairs, etc.

Initial Charge: $250

Includes set up, break down, and the first (2) hours of music

Rate per additional hour: $75

Private Event Rates

Private events are held in non public locations or venues such as a home or event venue reserved by a private party and are typically invitation only. This may include birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations, weddings**, etc.

Initial Charge: $175

Includes set up, break down, and the first (2) hours of vinyl music

Rate per additional hour: $50

**Weddings & Wedding Receptions…incur an additional, non refundable booking fee of $150.


Travel outside of the DFW Metroplex may require travel reimbursement and/or hotel accommodations.


All OUTDOOR Events will require no less than a 10’ x 10’ area of shade for DJ’s to perform. Vinyl records cannot be subjected to direct sunlight or excessive heat. Failure to provide DJs with a cool, shaded environment at outdoor events will prevent them from performing. No refunds are provided in such circumstances.

Additional Services

Standard PA Rental: $150

We offer our PA rental for Triptych DJ & MC services only. Triptych PA’s are not sufficient or provided for live music performances.  Rental fee includes two powered amps on stands, one monitor, one microphone and one mic stand (as needed). PA rental fee includes set up and break down.

Additional Sound equipment and fees may be necessary for larger events/venues. Please contact us with any questions.

Smoke Machine Rental: $75

This is NOT your party store smoke machine! You want a smoke filled room? We can make this happen for you.

Strobe Lighting: $30

These rates are not applicable for themed events (Chicken Shit Bingo, The Witching Hour) or holidays. Please contact us for a custom quote related to these events.